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    • Fri 4 Aug 2017 : Certificate Ceremony
    • The students successfully completed their 2017 Summer Engineering Internship.
      Best Wishes to them all always.






  • The US Army Central Florida Engineering Internship is intended to be a practical approach for mentoring high school students in developing and incorporating processes needed for successful project development.  The conceptual tool-sets that are presented: 
    • Technical Evaluation
    • Program Management
    • Individual Development
  • After completing the building of the Sea Perch (our submersible ROV), students will use their experience and ingenuity to create a beneficial modification through the standard design process. The project will include the development of a CAD project for an enhancement to the base design of the Sea Perch. This new design enhancement will then be prototyped using the MakerBot. The students will complete the project by implementing and testing their new designs.  
    This project will facilitate the “Concept to Implementation” experience for the engineering interns.


Abdul Siddiqui

Engineering Mentor

US Army PEO STRI - STEM Coordinator


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